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Hold Space

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Everything is changing, everything. It feels to me that this is an opportunity to hold space. To tend our gardens and hold each other as both composting, tilling, growing and harvesting unfolds for the global community -- this is a marathon, not a sprint.

While the rebuilding, reframing, envisioning and innovating is on the way, it feels that there is a more immediate need to simply hold space for the realness and restlessness of what is happening moment to moment. The grief, fear, awe, beauty, panic, delight, confusion, terror, bitterness, and community. Things are changing really quickly, and the body and spirit are struggling to process the magnitude and implications.  

It feels that there is a real service to offer each other is to slow the movement directly to solutions or alternative perspectives, but rather cradle each other with tenderhearted bravery and patience for process and unfolding revelation - sitting with the unknown, being lighthouses for each other, being warm blankets for each other, just being here for each other, from a distance. 

Our circles may get smaller, for now, so that they can get bigger later on. We can tenderly witness each other's suffering, hopefulness and fear with deep compassion and wakefulness, honoring the truth of everyone's lived experience.  This feels like the deepest way to be of service right now. Just to truly hold space for each others' process, and baring witness to the shared human suffering, the shared human joy, the shared human connection, the shared human family, the shared beauty, the shared discomfort.

Let's be here for each other, darlings. Let's be here to remind each other of our wings, they are everywhere, call on them. Knowing that the arc of human evolution is long and epic, beautiful and divinely written.

Oceans of love, dear ones. Deep breaths. and Love. Love. Choose Love.

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