Morgan Mitchell.


Vitality is creative. Creativity is vital.

I believe that EVERYONE is creative. It is the essence of the human creature, it is life-force, it is the magic that is inside of us all whether we like it or not.

I've been creating ever since I can recall. Now, as a full time createress, I've gathered some meanderings here remind you that we all have wings and offer you fuel, focus and inspiration to claim your most radiant and wholehearted expression.

These tinkerings, playful experiments and practices are a simple offering of my own creative process and invite you to deepen your own innate creative power, resilience, and joy. 


With humble thanks, I honor the many mentors, guides, and collaborators who enliven, guide, and inspire me to express, question, and delight in this brief and beautiful human experience.


Oceans of love, creatures. Stay wild, stay weird. 

©2014 morgan mitchell.