Morgan Mitchell & Peejo Sehr | Co-founders + Soulfriends
Offering spacious practices and partnerships
to support liberation + wholeness.

What Does it Mean to BeMöbius?

To BeMöbius means to pause. To connect with your breath —
To close your eyes for a moment and invite grace and strength.

To cultivate the practice of boundless self-compassion which is your true nature.

To co-create and sustain a brave space, to reclaim that which is vital, whole, and joyful.

To BeMöbius means to dialogue with yourself in the spirit of Revolutionary Love.

To BeMobius means to be free of false notions and limiting beliefs.

To honor that you liberation is inextricably linked to the liberation of all beings.

To BeMobius means to rest and replenish,
To strengthen the soul and show up In choice and power.