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Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Meet Dru, the founder and member of Art Life Studios. This creator is a FORCE and he graced me with his creative wisdom in the interview below:

Art Life Studios is built off of the concept that everyone is an artist. The way we live our lives is our art form

What does creativity mean to you? Creativity is the precursor to creation. To me that means that creativity is the birth of creation.

What projects are you currently working on? So part of us being a collective is having many directions.. our project span in many directions... currently I'm managing more than ten artists. With projects ranging from comedy shows to blue grass bands. One of the things I am most excited about is our community outreach. Recharge Friday's at Good Medicine Collective which is an open mic has been amazing. Next we are throwing a benefit show to raise money for a homeless feed.  On top of our community outreach we have internal projects. Our very own Ant the drummer is integrating his drum set into live EDM music. While Olivia is on her journey modeling and drawing portraits. The big picture involves a full studio space for art life. One that has space for painting and clay, glass blowing and music as well as everything in between. Art Life is about creating space for everyone's projects.As far as personal projects. I've been working hard producing, managing and directing the artists. When not doing that I'm working on my own music career without giving away too much I'll say I have a big solo project coming soon! Also, me and Vast Verbal have formed a group called Verbal Finesse and will be working on a collaboration project!

What is your creative flow and what does it feel like?

I picture my creative flow as a channeling. Many times it feels as if it is something that already is there... I just find it and am the first to describe it or revive it.

Has anyone ever criticized your art? How did you overcome it? I started writing rhymes when I was 12 or 13 with my life long buddy Cody Wyman. Growing up in a predominantly hick area we where labeled fakes or wingers. It wasn't until we got older that people realized that we were serious about our craft. Not to mention we had stuff to say.. now they all listen to are music!.. I never give much weight to haters.

Life is only 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Lead with love, leave the rest.

What should everyone know about creativity?

Humans inherently are creators. To be creative is the act of feeling like or being a creator. We all have the ability to be creative. I think it's of the utmost importance that we feed and cultivate that desire to create. We are all artist and to recognize is to start your journey in perfecting. Not their perfect, but yours!!

To be the best artist we can be is to be our best selves. Through these independent journeys to harness our creativity and be our best selves, I believe we can change the world. It starts as a ripple.

To learn more about Art Life Studios, or connect with Dru, head to their Facebook Page here!

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