Do you long feel more creative but don't know where to start?

Do you have a creative project you want to finish but can't seen to find time?

Are you overwhelmed and seeking focus and inspiration?

Creativity is at the core of every being, but it can either be nurtured or halted depending on conditions and conditioning.

Creative Vitality Coaching is a compassionate process designed to intentionally cultivate the optimum conditions for your unique creative rhythms to thrive. 

Creative Vitality Coaching offers customized nutrients, encouragement and focus for you to live your most creative life.

              Lara, Massage Therapist

Nudging, guiding, gently encouraging, fierce accountability. 

More than anything she made this process full of spark and clarity.

She has a luminous energy about her that is contagious

She reminded me that we are all creative— just by being alive and sharing our unique human experiences, that we don't need to judge or filter our creativity.

              Julianne, Creative Strategist

Jenna, Occupational Therapist

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